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16/Oct/2006 TaloNet opens
10/Apr/2007 TaloNet partner's
with The KTL Group

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The USENIX Association

Sun Logical Domains (LDoms)

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LPAR in IBM eServer pSeries

The introduction of logical partitioning (LPAR) technology to IBM eServerâ„¢ pSeries systems has greatly expanded the options for deploying applications and workloads onto server hardware. Logical partitioning is a server design feature that provides more end-user flexibility by making it possible to run multiple, independent operating system images concurrently on a single server.

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About TaloNet

TaloNet originally opened it doors in 2001 to successfully provide expertise in building The Government of Canada Secure Channel. Two years later the company was dissolved so that I could assist in the full time support of the Secure Channel UNIX infrastructure.

In October 2006, TaloNet once again opened it's doors to provide expertise to government and indusutry within Ottawa. Currently TaloNet is working with new partner The KTL Group providing expertise to IBM and Sun Microsystems for various contracts.

About Me

Building and supporting UNIX systems for more than 20 years, I have worked on complex large scale projects for Nortel Networks and Government using the latest technologies and best practices. My certifications include ITIL v2/v3, Sun, IBM and HP System administration, Sun Cluster, Tivoli Netview/Monitoring and Lan Analyst.

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